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Andrew Ciobanasiu
Andrew Ciobanasiu


Universal design, good branding, and building experiences that give folks super powers.

beer, branding, digital design, motion graphics, photography, product design, skateboarding, ui, ux, videography

  1. hueu landing page tailwindcss swiftui macos ios product design app landing page
  2. hueu macOS design iteration (light + dark) hueu color swiftui macos ui app product design
  3. hueu iOS interaction prototype color ios ios app design swiftui ux ui app product design
  4. hueu iOS light and dark swiftui color palette color ios app design product design app
  5. hueu iOS app icon ios app design hueu color swiftui ios app product design
  6. Isobase Logo proof of concept react js html css starter kit design system internal tooling framework
  7. Isobase Proof of Concept proof of concept sketch style guide design system starter kit html js css framework design tokens
  8. Portland Children’s Levy Annual Report Web Design annual report web design website web
  9. Live Radio App for the Thom Hartmann Program live stream talk radio talk show react native react ios app design ios app ux ui
  10. Live Radio App Icon talk radio talk show ux livestream application uiux ui react native react ios app radio
  11. hueu light and dark modes picker palette color swift native app macos ux ui product design
  12. hueu macOS icon roygbiv color picker color icons swift app icon macos
  13. hueu product design ux ui apple mac app swiftui hueu neue hue utility picker color app macos
  14. Live Stream Podcast Player Prototype hifi prototype motion ui product design product audio player audio stream podcast app
  15. Animated Icon digital product product design looping animation vizualizer audio ui icon animation
  16. CSC Experiments NO. 09, 04, and 11 pop warp glitchart video art glitch yoga illustration hand experiment
  17. Digital Brand/UI Guidelines component library component react styleguide guideline branding ui cyclist bicycle cycling sports
  18. The Sufferfest Website + Ecommerce Shop sports action sports online shop ecommerce web design cyclist training cycling shopify
  19. Email Template Designs email marketing branding ui email template email designs email
  20. Digital Style Guide real estate react components web application ux ui branding
  21. Home Warranty Web Application + Resource Site landing page web design responsive ux ui realestate home app react enterprise software enterprise web application design
  22. Social Media Branded Audio Visualizer instagram stories waveforms audio visualizer music story social media instagram insta
  23. Custom Spotify Album Covers playlist volume music social assets digital design social media album spotify branding
  24. Pause Coffee Co Social Templates events social posts social assets story instagram stories social media facebook instagram
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